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.¸,¤°´A Boundless and Radiant Aura Magic Window DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

$5.00 CAD

Now available for personal computers! File will be emailed after purchase!


A Boundless and Radiant Aura

floating     beyond    the    steppe.. 

weaving through flora and  mire.. 

dipping  into  the   subterranean... 


   a blooming underworld

       lapped in fermenting marshes. 


 A Boundless and Radiant Aura is a meditative 360° digital environment which invites visitors to defy terrestrial logic while navigating the sublunary layers of an Expanded Reality Magic Window. 

Visualized as a floating aura, your player character will lead you on a journey through an unreal ecological worldspace which questions the Earth we inhabit. ​This is the first chapter in an ongoing series with a specific focus on outer space exploration, alternate planetary realities, and paradisiacal world rendering.  Building from a series of two-dimensional mixed media landscapes, virtuality is a means to explore the metaphysical connection between landscape and the human spirit while confronting our digital/cosmic corporeality. ​

Extend this reality with an atmospheric redolence made by perfumer Courtney Rafuse of Universal Flowering. Available via my shop,   

Soundscape adapted from "I want to leave this Earth behind" by Stefana Fratila. 

A Boundless and Radiant Aura was made by Diana Lynn VanderMeulen with support from SpekWork, Lennard Spokowinsky & Sarah Cannon.


Available for Windows and Mac.


$5 & $10 has been added as a suggested donation to support the work. If this cost is prohibitive, FREE download  is available through link:


How To Use

A "Magic Window" allows users to experience the 360° viewpoint without a VR headset, but instead through a single viewpoint into a 3D scene which changes according to the user's prompt. The resulting view is that of a magic window which offers a view of an alternative reality. ​

Created with gaming software, this project navigates with simple controls of your mouse or computer trackpad.  Left Click and slide your mouse/trackpad to navigate through the beaches, caverns, floodplains and rolling hills.  Right Click for main menu. 

Personally, I find the less I do, the more I enjoy the experience. There is ambient movement so you won't need to constantly click to move throughout the world space. 

This work is in progress, any UX suggestions or notes are greatly appreciated. :) 

Download is for Personal Use only! If you are interested in screening this work publically, please email me -

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