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A Boundless and Radiant Aura - Second Edition

Coming Soon

A  Boundless  and  Radiant  Aura

floating     beyond    the    steppe.. 

weaving through flora and  mire.. 

dipping  into  the   subterranean... 


   a blooming underworld

       lapped in fermenting marshes. 


Extending the digital reality of overarching project A Boundless and Radiant Aura -- with an atmospheric redolence made by perfumer Courtney Rafuse of Universal Flowering. 

An animated world within your palm, this fragrance is bottled with iridized glass orbs & inward-facing landscape.


Sakura, Bosc Pear, Fermented Grass, Jasmine, Waterfruit, Green Pea, Hay.

Local Pick-up Available at Toutoune Gallery. Please email to request this & I will refund your shipping cost.

Please allow for 1 week to ship. Thank you :)

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